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Living Fuels provides a collection service for waste cooking oil to both the public and private sectors. Among its customers are 16 County Councils and 17 London Borough Councils, over 500 schools, 16 prisons and in the private sector several major food processors and a number of restaurant and hotel chains. The oil collected from these customers is recycled into our patented biofuel, LF100.

Previously, much of the UK’s waste cooking oil was disposed of in landfill sites, or worse, was tipped down the drain. Obviously, this is no longer permissible for catering companies, who are legally required to dispose of the used oil through registered and licensed collectors or face large fines. The Animal By-Products Regulation came into force in 2004 and prohibits the disposal of used cooking oil by the traditional routes. Living Fuels can help businesses avoid the expensive disposal costs resulting from the change in legislation relating to waste cooking oil. We can provide collection services handling 450 litre containers for small, individual sites or tanks up to 10,000 litres for the more industrial sized customer.

Water companies in the UK spend £15m per annum clearing used cooking oil from their sewers and 75% of the 200,000 drain clearance call-outs every year involve used cooking oil. Living Fuels provides a collection service to over 300 civic amenity sites in the UK where householders can dispose of their waste cooking oil instead of pouring it down the drain, which saves the taxpayer costly water bills.

By turning waste cooking oil into LF100, Living Fuels can help companies and organisations reduce their carbon footprint and complete the virtuous circle by generating their own electricity from the resulting biofuel.

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Illustration of the REG Biopower Waste Cooking Oil (WCO) Management Service Close-up of a Living Fuels Tanker Daniel Gillert - Commercial Manager Port of Dover Genset being supplied by a Living Fuels Tanker

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